10 Of The Most Tragic Tales From Spring Break 2015

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Most young adults – and even some older individuals – take Spring Break very seriously. They pull out all of the stops to ensure they have the time of their lives while away from work or school. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned for everyone. Some people just have a downright horrible time while they’re on vacation, and nothing can change that experience. Here are a few tragic tales that these individuals will remember for the rest of their lives. They’ll think twice about going on vacation next time.

Always Check I.D.

While partying at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one individual found himself enthralled with a beautiful women. Unfortunately for him, that women, whose name shall remain anonymous, ended up having been born a man – the complete opposite gender he was looking to party with while on vacation. The man discovered this the hard way, though, as the lady in question didn’t come out and tell him she had once been a male beforehand. He was rather hurt to discover this.

That Girl

Spring Break is the time of year when everyone and their mother ends up with a drinking problem for the week they’re on vacation. However, there is always that one girl who can never hold her liquor, never keep her clothing on, and just generally be a loud-mouth. Every sentence out of her mouth begins with the words “I’m so drunk right now.” When coming across this particular creature, take a step back and watch her from a distance, but be careful not to approach. Find some entertainment in her mannerisms.

Don’t Ruin The Week

There are a few things most people can do to ensure they don’t ruin the entire Spring Break week for everyone they’re partying with. That means knowing your drinking limits, don’t bring a girlfriend, and don’t take off on your own to enjoy a classic novel.

While headed to Cancun, a group of friends invite Rich, the younger brother of one of their mate’s. Rich is an obvious virgin – one who enjoys spending time around half-naked women with his eyes glued to a book. Rich ended up ruining the majority of the week for everyone else by checking in with his mother, attempting to propose to the first woman he met – his “soul mate” – and just generally being a party-pooper.

Prohibition Is Real

Due to too much partying happening in Panama City, Florida. Local authorities and politicians imposed a ban on alcohol for the entirety of Spring Break weekend. Riots ensued all over the city, which became known as the Panama City Prohibition Riots.

Two young men ventured to the city in search of a good time with lots of alcohol and loose women. A riot ensued as they discovered no alcohol would be allowed to help them gain some courage to speak to women. The group marched to the mayor of the city, who then told them alcohol could not be purchased on the beach, but could be found in town. The entire party was arrested, but made bail and drank as much as possible the next day.

YouTube Delights

Having your girlfriend leave your sight during Spring Break is probably a nerve-wracking experience for everyone. The two nineteen-year-old sophomores attending the University of Miami decided to head to Cancun to party for Spring Break.

The first day was spent in a completely drunken state. The young man’s girlfriend ended up on YouTube after dancing with another group of guys and girls in ways that she had never done with him. The young girl was accused of cheating, and so was the young man.

Bring Protection

On South Padre Island, the women tend to be incredibly hot, and booze certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. Most people intend to get laid on Spring Break by some random women. Unfortunately for one party animal, he couldn’t find a single condom anywhere within his hotel. The machine that sold them was out, his pockets were empty, his hotel room was barren. His entire night was ruined because he forgot to pack sufficient protection for random, wild sex.

Desperate Times Equal Desperate Lies

If you’re going to tell the wildest lie possible, try not to get everyone you’re with arrested after the fact.

Upon partying on Spring Break, a young woman approached a group of guys and asked if one of them was from Saudi Arabia, because he appeared to look similar to a Sheikh she had seen on Instagram once before. Another member of the male party said he was, in fact, the Sheikh, but that he did not speak English. The young man vowed to act as his translator, though he didn’t speak a lick of Arabic.

While partying in the VIP room of a local club, the real Sheikh ended up walking in, exposing the entire scheme. The crew had ran up a bill of $20,000 and were escorted from the club by Miami PD.

Lost Luggage

Upon arriving in the Bahamas for what was thought to be the time of their lives, a young group discovered the airline sent all of their luggage to Ukraine instead. The airline vowed to fix the entire incident, but their “fix” was to supply the two with Bahaman shorts and used Hawaiian shirts.

Things got worse when the two men found out the local concert was headlined by Nick Cannon, who neither of them enjoyed in the least bit. Overall, their vacation was a bit of a drag all around.

Follow Man Laws

If your job does not require you to wear a Speedo in public, then you should never be found wearing one.

While in the Dominican Republic, a group of men went on a daytime party cruise during Spring Break. Aboard the party boat, they were interrupted by another man wearing a Speedo. The man was obviously European, and pushed his way into their private party without so much as a word spoken between them.

The man gave the leader of the party a massive hug while wearing the Speedo. It took everything in his power not to throw the European man overboard.

Age Does Matter

If you’re using a walker to get around, then you probably shouldn’t be attending Spring Break with the younger crowds.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, an older man ventured out into the crowds in an effort to have a little fun. Everyone ended up calling the man “grandpa” by the end of the day. They even called him Mr. Oracle of Cabo.

Some people never lose the partying spirit, though.