10 Of The Most Shockingly Pointless Scientific Studies Ever Carried Out

Some Ducks Are Necrophiliacs

While many people enjoy finding out about nature and animals in documentaries, one thing that they don’t generally want to know is whether ducks are capable of being both homosexual and necrophiliacs at the same time. A study from the Annual of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam found out exactly that, noting that the researchers had observed one duck trying to mate with a male corpse.

Head Banging

Head banging is a pastime enjoyed by concertgoers who enjoy heavier music such as rock and metal. Some researchers decided that it would be useful to find out whether the aggressive act of swinging your head backwards and forwards was detrimental to the health of the spine and neck. The study came out with very little information other than revealing that it was very unlikely for anyone to knock themselves unconscious while head banging.