10 Unicorns From Around The World You Might Not Know Of

When someone says the word “unicorn,” most people think of a glorious white horse with a golden horn sticking from the middle of its forehead. It’s associated with happiness, love and fortune as well as dreaming of better days and better lives. Many people place unicorns in a medieval garden or sitting in the lap of a flaxen-haired maiden. However, unicorns are still a mythical beast and have been portrayed quite wildly around the world. Here’s the ten examples of unicorns that will shock you!

Ki’lin Or Kirin

Kirin originates from Japan, Korea and China and is known as a fearsome animal that punished the wicked and was known to make an appearance at the birth of a great ruler or a sage, such as Confucius. Kirin resembles a dragon and is imagined with with scales and with clouds surrounding him.


The karkadann translates to the lord of desert and originates from Persian or Arabic stories. It looks something like a cross between a unicorn and a rhino. Karkadann isn’t associated with love or joy, but was described as dangerous and strong with a horn that had healing powers. The karkadann’s only real enemy was the elephant.