10 Of The Most Shocking Sporting Cheats Of All Time

Boris Onischenko

The Paralympics is usually not associated with cheating but it has still had its fair share of controversies. Boris Onischenko was one of the first para-athletes to be found to be cheating when it emerged in the 1976 Games that he had hidden electrical wiring in his épée sword that he was using in fencing. This allowed him to register hits when he had actually missed his opponent, meaning he could win games easily. Officials found the cheat device when other competitors raised concerns.

Ben Johnson

Athletics has always had a reputation for doping and this largely stems back to one individual who shocked the world after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. Ben Johnson was the equivalent of Usain Bolt, running lightning quick times in the 100-meters and making headlines for his incredible performances. Unfortunately for the sport, it turned out that one of the biggest attractions was actually a cheat. His urine samples showed that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs before his record-breaking race in the 1988 Olympics.