10 Amazing Volcanoes In Space You’ve Never Heard Of

The universe is so incredibly massive that it should come as no surprise there are volcanoes on almost every single planet in our known solar system. The more time scientists and researchers spend looking out into the stars, the more likely they are to find cooler discoveries that will both shock and amaze both incredibly smart individuals and the average Joe. Extraterrestrial volcanoes, much like those found on Earth, are a mixture of both fear and spectacle – especially when they tend to erupt and wreak havoc. Here are ten unspeakably amazing space volcanoes you don’t know.

Olympus Mons on Mars

The Olympus Mons on Mars is almost 25km in height, making it the largest volcano in the entire solar system. In fact, it is three times higher than even Mt. Everest.

Pancake Domes

The Pancake Domes are a few of the 1,600 volcanoes located on the planet Venus. These volcanoes emerged from within the sticky lava, forming domes that could be filled with gas, basalt, marble, and quartz.