10 Of The Most Shocking Eating Habits

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The world over is filled to the brim with people who absolutely adore food – those who love to cook it, photograph it, eat it, and write about it. However, there are a few special individuals lurking within the world that have some incredibly shocking and disgusting eating habits that should make more people cringe when they hear about it. They may think what they are doing is nutritious or perhaps even slightly normal, but there is probably nothing normal about consuming urine or your daughter’s breast milk, for example. Here are ten people with incredibly shocking eating habits.

Daughter’s Milk

Tim Browne began drinking his daughter’s breast milk with his morning cereal after contracting cancer. Researchers have said there is a cure for cancer somewhere in human milk, and Browne was one such patient.


Carie, a 53-year-old woman, began drinking her own urine at a later period in her life. Apparently, this middle-aged woman washes her teeth and face in her own urine while she is enjoying her nightly bath, too. 80 ounces of the fluid goes into her body every day…and out of it.


Tempestt Henderson, a 19-year-old Florida native, suffered from a bizarre eating habit of consuming bars of soap. She became addicted to it after tasting the soap, but is working on the addiction at the moment.


Eating ash is probably one of the more bizarre items consumed by a human being, but Casie, a 26-year-old, lost her husband, and then began to eat his remains to remember the man she had once slept beside every night.


Adele Edwards somehow began chewing the foam from inside pillows and couches, finding it oddly delectable. She would pull the white foam from her furniture and munch on it as if it were normal. She was hospitalized after a blockage formed.

Scorpion Venom

Li Luiqin, 58, has an odd addiction to deadly scorpion venom. He claims the venom is actually quite tasty, and has apparently formed some form of a tolerance to the poisonous substance. After being stung, Li bit off the head of the scorpion, and his addiction formed.


Chen Jujen occasionally drank kerosene when he was a youngster to calm his cough, and has since become addicted to both the taste and consistency of the liquid.

Human Blood

Julie Caples finds that drinking cups of human blood actually makes her feel healthier and stronger. Willing donors even visit her and offer up their own blood so she may feed her addiction and stay strong.


While eating roadkill may be quite normal in some areas, most people tend to at least cook the dead animal first. Arthur Boyt picks up badgers, cats, and owls from the side of the road and consumes them.

Heavy Metal

Michel Lotito, 57, is known for having one of the strongest stomachs and intestinal tracts in the entire world. This is wonderful, as he has a record for eating 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, seven television sets, six chandeliers, two beds, and even an entire coffin.