10 Of The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

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The complex and dynamic nature of the world around us allows us to become complex and dynamic human beings as well. The sense of adventure we possess can be directly attributed to the many elements that constitute our natural world. The scope for exploration on our planet is truly magnificent, which is why there are many challenging hiking trails present in every continent. For anyone looking to embark on one of the tougher challenges life has to offer, this list features 10 of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world.

The Darien Gap, Panama And Colombia

This demanding trail can be found on the highway that goes from the southern Chile to Alaska. It is a 90 kilometer stretch that is filled with swamps, drug cartels and truly testing weather conditions. It is considered to be the most dangerous trail in the world, so make sure you know everything about this route before attempting this journey.

West Coast Trail, Canada

The West Coast Trail in Canada is entrenched with wild animals, narrow pathways and rickety wooden bridges. It is not for the faint of heart and is best undertaken by a seasoned explorer.

Sahara Crossing

The Sahara desert can be one of the most unforgivable places in the world and there are a thousand different routes you can take to make this crossing. A lot of people have died attempting to make this journey, so make sure you are at the peak of your prowess before taking on this trail.

Via Ferrata, Italy And Austria

This narrow path was built by the Italian troops during the second World War and it offers a path through the Dolomites in the region. It is filled with suspended bridges and steep cliffs and is a scenic, yet perilous trail.

Wendenstock, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but the Wendenstock trail can distract you from the beauty. It has narrow and slippery paths throughout the trail and one wrong move could have disastrous results.

Himalayan Treks, Nepal

The Himalayan mountain range is not only the tallest in the world, but can also be quite dangerous when you venture into its more treacherous regions. The weather conditions are quite hostile all year round and the terrain is unpredictable at best. Embark on these trails only when you are physically and mentally prepared for a tough time.

Rover’s Run Trail, Alaska

The Rover’s Run Trail is quite a beautiful stretch, if you don’t count the sheer number of bears that roam the region. The chances of you getting mauled are quite high during this hike, so make sure you always have your guard up.

Devil’s Path, New York

You wouldn’t think that a place like New York has a dangerous trail near it but you are wrong. The Devil’s path is a trail close to the city that has winding and slippery paths. At least one person dies every year while trying to make this hike.

Aonach Eagach Ridge, Scotland

This mountainous hike is quite scenic and beautiful to traverse, but everything goes south as soon as it sees some rains. This trail then converts into a dangerous trail and you need to take every step carefully.

El Caminito Del Ray, Spain

The narrow path overlooking a beautiful scenery can be dangerously distracting, so make sure you always keep your eyes on the prize.