10 Warning Signs That Are Extremely Obvious

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Whether it is to give us traffic rules, how to navigate inside a building we’ve never been to, or to simply give us good warnings, signs provide the best way to get our attention. However, not all of them are made equally. There are times when signs shouldn’t be necessary, such as not entering a door that can’t be opened or to remind you to keep your eyes open while driving. Maybe all these signs were created for comedy. Whatever the reason, let’s enjoy some of the best signs that state the obvious.


In case you’re wondering if a balcony requires being on a higher floor, this sign will remind you. Watch out for that first step.

Can’t Breathe Under Water

Unless you’ve developed the insides and workings of a fish, this sign will remind you that you can’t breathe under water. The only question that remains is, can you still bring scuba gear with you?

Do Not Enter

Don’t even think about using that teleportation device you’ve just invented. If that door can’t open, you still don’t have permission to enter.

Fish Crap In Water

Drinking water straight from a lake isn’t the brightest idea anyway, but this scare tactic will really make you think twice. Although, it would be funny if fish could jump out of the water and go in an outhouse.

Food Is Important

For those that didn’t know, food is required to keep your balanced diet. As tempting as it is to just get off work and drink nothing but beer, it’s simply not healthy.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Well, it is important to not only keep those eyes on the road, but to simply have them open. Who wonders how many unfortunate people missed this sign because they were sleeping while driving.

Kiss And Goodbye

Even if you make it into a theatrical slow-motion frencher, can any kiss really be three minutes long? You might even have enough time to…well, never mind.

No Gravy In Waffle Makers

Just so we’re clear, there are more rules involved with breakfast. No orange juice can be used in frying pans, and fresh bacon doesn’t belong in the toaster.

Sharp Edges

In its defense, some rectangular signs aren’t very sharp. However, you could avoid the potentially hazardous situation but not hanging up the sign at all.

Thank You For Noticing

While this has to be a joke sign, it still makes the cut for the sheer hilariousness that it brings. No other sign can use all those forms of “note” and still make proper sense.