10 Of The Most Dangerous Beasts In The World

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The animal kingdom is such a wide and varied place that finding any single animal that can end your life with one swift move isn’t that hard at all. In fact, there are countless animals that can kill you and you cannot do anything to stop that fact. Everything from tiny bugs to swimming fish to massive, four-legged animals can take down a grown man with ease. Here are ten animals from around the world that are more dangerous than anything we know.


The deathstalker is an incredibly dangerous, venomous scorpion living throughout North Africa and the Middle East. This little critter is responsible for over 75-percent of all scorpion-related deaths every single year. Adults tend to feel unbearable pain before dying.

Africanized Honey Bee

Following an experiment gone horribly wrong, a Brazilian bee keeper accidentally bred the Africanized Honey Bee. Some of this man’s pets ended up escaping, so the genetically engineered “killer bees” have spread throughout the Americas. They swarm relentlessly, and will chase a victim for miles.


The Rhinoceros, while a big, beautiful animal, is actually quite a common murderer. These massive monsters can charge up to 40 miles-per-hour, gouging anyone in their way with the massive horn atop their head.

Cone Snail

One drop of venom from the Cone Snail can kill around 20 human beings. This little critter is sometimes known as the “cigarette snail,” because you have enough time to smoke a single cigarette before passing following a sting.


While being completely camouflaged, the stonefish can hover over the sea floor, awaiting its prey. Stepping on one of the fish’s spines may cost you your entire leg, or worse, your entire life.

Blue Ringed Octopus

The Blue Ringed Octopus, which is the size of a golf-ball on average, has enough venom within its bite to kill 26 grow men. Unfortunately, there are no known antidotes to treat the attack, so you will be paralyzed and unable to breath before passing.


Known as a herbivore, the Hippopotamus is highly aggressive and known for attacking people without provocation throughout Africa. They can even destroy and entire vehicle in an effort to get a hold of someone.

Saltwater Crocodile

A Saltwater Crocodile is known to eat absolutely anything, including a fully-grown water buffalo or a shark. The “death roll” attack will kill almost anything, including humans, which the beast tends to drown then tear apart.

African Elephant

The African Elephant, the world’s largest land animal, is highly aggressive. They are known to trample an entire rhinoceros or two to death, and have been known to display rage and destroy entire villages, too.


The Mosquito, while the tiniest creature on this list, is the world’s deadliest. These little terrors are known for causing over 2 to 3 million deaths every single year, and transmit diseases to over 700 million per year.