10 Signs That Prove You Are A Facebook Addict

It is widely believed that modern technology has begun to polarize a vast majority of the population. A few people are using this abundant information at hand to increase their overall IQ and well-being, while some are simply being dumbed down by the very same factors. This means that it comes down to individual users and how they utilize the technology available. Facebook has changed the world by bringing people together and making sharing lives a lot easier. It has also made people addicted to the platform and the effects are there for everyone to see. This list features 10 tell-tale signs that you are a Facebook addict. If your behavior matches any of the symptoms, find help now!

Unnecessary Friend Requests

Do you have over a 1,000 friends on Facebook but only three in real-life? This means you are socializing too excessively online and you need to stop sending friend requests to every person you see on the streets.

Regular Log In’s

Do you log into your FB account and check for updates every few minutes? You need to put your phone down and breathe, those updates will still be waiting for you after a few hours.