10 Of The Most Bizarre Tourist Attractions In The World

Temple of Rats, India

The Karni Mata Temple, which was made in honor of the Goddess Karni, believed her descendants never die — they are reincarnated as rats. The temple is also known as ‘The Temple of Rats’.

The temple houses hundreds of thousands of rats, whom firm believers say are all descendants of Karni. The rats are considered sacred and the residents provide them refuge and food. If you’re not afraid of rats, go ahead and pay your respects in this ‘interesting’ temple.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

In south of Mexico, there is a place called Isla de las Munecas or Island of the Dolls. Don Julian Santana Barrera is the caretaker of the island, who was ostracized there because of his drinking problem. The story goes that Don has been constantly haunted by a little girl’s spirit who drowned in the island. To appease the spirit, he began trading his goods for old dolls. Whether you believe the tale or not, the island is now populated by hundreds of decomposing dolls hanging from the trees. Some say that the dolls are possessed by the soul of the dead girl. This is a whole new level of creepiness — but has become an interesting tourist attraction to those who dare.