10 Of The Most Bizarre Google Searches In 2015

The year has almost come to an end now, and it has been quite an eventful one as well. A lot of good, bad, and ugly events unfolded this past year, and a good way to get a sense of people’s current mindset is to look at top Google searches. What we look for on Google also represents the kind of information we craved for and the type of social dynamic that has been building. Google was kind enough to provide us a list of the 10 most bizarre searches of 2015, and the list is quite entertaining indeed. Without further ado, here is the list of 10 of the most bizarre searches according to Google.

How To Keep Puppy From Eating Poop?

Number 10 on this list is the eternal question – ‘How to keep puppy from eating poop?’ For all the people who wondered about this, let me ask them a counter-question. How did people solve this mystery before Google? Simple, by letting puppies do whatever they wanted. They are dogs — they eat anything!

How To Walk In Heels?

Apparently girl power seems to be diminishing on our planet and women are no longer willing to share the secrets of walking on heels with one another. Luckily, there is Google to solve all of life’s mysteries.