10 Of The Most Awesome Offices In The World

What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of work? Boredom, stress, even anger? While most companies still aren’t aware of some hard science facts, the truth is that employees tend to give their best performances when they feel free and appreciated. With that in mind, dozens of companies around the world have started implementing some amazing and cool features. From the infamous Google office slides, to Facebook’s ball pits, here are 10 of the coolest offices in the world you can work in and their awesome features.

White Mountain Office

Pretty much like coming out of a Sci-Fi movie, the offices of White Mountain are not only inspiring, but also designed in an extremely innovative manner. A dream place to work in, the offices are a nice mix of elegance, comfort and beauty!


Zynga used to dominate the gaming space with its addictive Facebook games and even though their fame quickly evaporated, the company is still around and getting by with some cool Android apps and games. Trying to inspire their employees, Zynga offers some of the most incredible offices to work in. Furthermore, they often create special activity seminars, which include dog seminars, drawing seminars and more.