10 Of The Most Awesome Offices In The World

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What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of work? Boredom, stress, even anger? While most companies still aren’t aware of some hard science facts, the truth is that employees tend to give their best performances when they feel free and appreciated. With that in mind, dozens of companies around the world have started implementing some amazing and cool features. From the infamous Google office slides, to Facebook’s ball pits, here are 10 of the coolest offices in the world you can work in and their awesome features.

White Mountain Office

Pretty much like coming out of a Sci-Fi movie, the offices of White Mountain are not only inspiring, but also designed in an extremely innovative manner. A dream place to work in, the offices are a nice mix of elegance, comfort and beauty!


Zynga used to dominate the gaming space with its addictive Facebook games and even though their fame quickly evaporated, the company is still around and getting by with some cool Android apps and games. Trying to inspire their employees, Zynga offers some of the most incredible offices to work in. Furthermore, they often create special activity seminars, which include dog seminars, drawing seminars and more.


Creating and designing toys for little children may be one of the most awesome jobs in the world, but to further enhance their work experience the employees at Lego also have a ton of toys to play around with! Filled with Lego-inspired design items and with slides instead of stairs, the offices at Lego may very well be the dream workplace!

Urban Outfitters

As a company, which relies on new, innovative and fashionable design ideas, Urban Outfitters do put time and effort to turn their offices into style-inspired awesome places to work in. With extremely fashionable lounges, to neatly arranged work spaces, their offices are definitely amazing!


Ever since they have been bought by Microsoft, Nokia has gone from a hardcore to innovative and inspiring. Much like their smartphones, the manufacturer’s offices are filled with colorful arrangements, and embrace the inspiration of their employees.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Found in the middle of the forest, the Selgas Cano Architecture Office has the purpose of truly inspiring the creativity of the people that work there. With innovation in mind Selgas Cano has managed to deliver a true working environment experience for its employees.


The cloud-based storage software company Dropbox tends embrace the comfort of their employees. Perfectly designed, the awesome offices are even filled with witty humor, with some of the private work cubicles named the romance chamber, and the break up room. How about that!

Pallotta Teamworks

Extremely innovative in their ideas, the guys running the Pallotta Teamworks company have created amazing offices out of shipping containers. While it may sound strange, their offices are a truly creative and comfortable place to work in.

Inventionland Design Factory

How do you inspire someone to think outside of the box, when it is crucial for their work and for the success of your factory? The folk at Inventionland Design Factory think they might very well have the answer! From cave-inspired cubicles, to indoors tree houses, their offices are a dream place to work in. They even have their own indoors private pirate ship and water ponds where you can soak your feet in.

Google’s Offices Worldwide

We can’t help but mention Google on the list of the coolest offices in the world, because they are truly fascinating. From slides to talent-inspired lounge spaces, where Google’s employees can sing and dance, to brand new eco-friendly solutions, not to mention fitness, basketballs and private secluded areas where one can relax, the offices of Google are truly one of the most amazing places people can actually work in, in the world.