10 Crazy Holidays You Can Celebrate This March

While the big Holiday in March is Easter this year, there are a number of other Holidays you can celebrate in order to pass the time until that holiday rolls around. Maybe you don’t even really celebrate Easter but you want to be able to celebrate something while everyone else is watching eggs roll around their yard and head off to church. Maybe you’re just one of those people who likes to celebrate the smaller holidays, or maybe you just want a reason to throw a party. Whatever the reason, check out our list of 10 crazy holidays that take part in March and let us know which one is your favorite.

Namesake Day

March 6th is Namesake Day and this particular holiday is actually pretty self explanatory. This is a holiday where you should devote the day to looking up what your name actually means and where it comes from.

Mario Day

While we’d love for March 10 to be a holiday where everyone has to play Super Mario Bros, it turns out this particular holiday is actually just a day where you have to go and celebrate anyone who is named Mario. Why do we do this in March? MARch and MARio. Awesome … huh?