10 Of The Largest Robberies In History

Many of us fantasize about a life with a near-endless supply of money. Be it robbing a bank, becoming a con-man or stealing valuable goods, there won’t be many people who can say that they’ve never thought about it. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually going through with the deed is another. Here we’ve compiled a list of the ten largest robberies to go down in history. While they aren’t all from people robbing banks, the amount of money they’ve stole is astonishing. Let’s just hope reading through this won’t give you any stupid ideas, because let’s face it, you won’t have the skills necessary to pull off a daring robbery.

Harry Winston, Paris, France

Harry Winston, a renowned jewelry store, was robbed on 5th December, 2008. Four armed men entered the store, forcing staff to loot the storage area while they cleaned out the display cases. These individuals made off with an estimated $108 million.

No shots were fired during the robbery, however 25 individuals were arrested with ties with the crime.

Antwerp World Diamond Center, Belgium

On the weekend spanning February 15th to February 16th, 2003, the Antwerp Diamond Center was robbed of over $100 million in gems. The mastermind behind the heist, Leonardo Notarbartolo, had planned the robbery for over two years. Notarbartolo rented an office in the diamond center, and posed as an Italian diamond merchant. He led a team of five individuals who carried out the heist.

Notarbartolo, was subsequently arrested when authorities found DNA evidence linking him to the crime scene and footage from security cameras. Notarbartolo was tried and jailed for ten years, however he has since been released on parole. The diamonds remain unrecovered.