10 Of The Funniest Translation Fails Ever

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Chinglish is a something we all know by now. The term signifies the extremely bad translations from Chinese to English. Since there’s nothing better than bad translations that turn out being epic fails, we’ve made the list of the most hilarious of them all. From a manicure set that features a knife and pliers to food solely aimed at women who frequently have intercourse with as many individuals as possible, we have ten absolutely hilarious translations from Chinese to English that you’ll ever see!

Manicure Set

This might be the most painful manicure set in the world. Screaming guaranteed!

Pubic Phone

Pubic phone… free for all to use.

Racist Park

Entrance allowed only to haters.

Soup For Sluts

Not recommended for use when it comes to regular, non-slutty ladies.

Don’t Touch Yourself

Touching yourself must mean something completely else in China. Either that or they’re really open to sexual experimentation in public.


Slavery is also quite a common thing in China, at least according to translators.

Many Human Lives

Many human lives available to consume in this incredible Youth Hostel.

Smell Of Urine

The key note dish of all Asian cuisine: smell of urine soup.

Do Drunken Driving

Because why not, right?

Silver Condom

Silver condom – great for both injuring women and men.