10 Of The Funniest Roller Coaster Photos Ever Taken

Millions of people like nothing more than the thrill and excitement of roller coasters and theme parks. One of the greatest features to ever be attached to park rides is the automatic flash photography that captures the climatic moment. While it’s true that many of us don’t even know when the photo gets taken, there are some who come prepared to take full advantage of the situation.

With that in mind, we present ten of the most amusing (and best of all, staged) roller coaster photos ever taken. Sometimes you do have to wonder about how these people get away with a) not breaking character; or b) not dropping the items they take on the ride to pose with.

Always A Good Time For Cereal

Let’s forgive the fact that the cereal boxes are most likely empty. What amuses us is the fact that they had the forethought to bring their favorite brand of cereal onto a roller coaster ride.

Morning Routine

Keeping those items steady at this point of the ride must have been super tricky. Also, that mascara of hers is not going to look pretty at the end of it all.