10 Of The Funniest Mascot Fails Of All Time

There has been a lot of controversy lately regarding mascots and cheerleaders in the NFL. Mascots get paid a lot better than their female cheering counterparts, and they seem to get a lot more benefits as well. Being a mascot is not as glamorous as it appears though. It must get awfully hot in those costumes and no one really knows who is in there either. They also seem quite susceptible to massive public fails, and this list looks at 10 of the funniest mascot fails of all-time.

Taking Out The Trash

This mascot outfit is absolute garbage and the cops seem to be taking out the trash.

Bumbling Bee

This bee is used to flying around the place and isn’t taking to the escalator well enough.

Loony Toon

This fanatic doesn’t seem to understand boundaries and is taking things to the next level with this cheerleader.

Bad Filling

I do not want to know what is inside that cup!

Toilet Man

Easily the most epic mascot of all-time!

Nearly Road Kill

This moose was quite close to being tied to the roof of a car, but managed to get away with a broken leg instead.

Mascots In A Lift

Did you hear the joke about the multiple mascots stuck in an elevator? They looked absolutely ridiculous.

Grumpy Mascot

Not all mascots are cheery! Some of them seem to love ruining a good moment.

Manic Mickey

I guess you would be a drunk too if you were a cheery mouse 24/7!

Dangerous Leap

This poor frog seems to have leaped far more than he was capable of!