10 Unbelievable Things You Can Actually Rent

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Renting is a great way to save some cash and still get your hands on something you want. Some social engineers believe that allowing people to rent out anything they want is the only way to solve the economic crisis and put an end to mindless consumerism. Renting promotes a more social-oriented structure where people treat everything as if they belonged to everyone. Right now you know about renting cars, houses, movies and a few other things, but you didn’t know about the 10 bizarre things on this list that you can actually rent.


Ever wanted to feel famous for a day and get a taste of the high-life? You can actually get a sense of what it feels like to be famous by renting your own team of paparazzi.

Pregnant Bellies

That’s right! There are mothers out there who are actually renting out the space on their pregnant bellies for the sake of advertising.


This unique service is available in China, where people can actually rent a bridesmaid for their wedding.

Fem Robot

Always wanted a girlfriend but never actually got lucky? Well if you have some spare cash to the tune of $3,500, you can actually rent out a female robot for five days.


A farmer is Switzerland is actually offering a service that allows people to rent cows for a month at a reasonable price of $120.


If you are having no luck in growing your social circle, then there are plenty of services out there that allow you to rent a friend. Just remember, that any person who is with you for your money, isn’t really your friend.

Designer Bag With Nintendo DS

Nintendo tied up with a unique designer bag rental service in 2008 in order to provide tech-savvy women with a unique product. Select designer bags were actually equipped with Nintendo DS’ during this strange offer.


Carlos Gil provides an extremely unique rental service. For all those people who want to go on pilgrimages but just don’t have the time, Carlos will actually take the pilgrimage on your behalf.

Theatre For Gaming

This has got to be the coolest rental on this list. You can actually rent out empty screens in Cineplex Entertainment for under 180 dollars in order to enjoy some serious gaming. You are given the screen for two hours and you are allowed to invite 12 people to your gaming party.

Stalking Evil Clown

Ever wanted to give your friends and family the creeps? You can contact Dominic Deville who actually dresses up like an evil clown and stalks any person you have in mind.