10 Of The Craziest Things That Government Have Wasted Money On

Mountain Lion Treadmill

The National Science Foundation gave a grant that amounted to $856,000 to a team that was investigating whether it was possible to train a mountain lion to use a treadmill. The exact reasons behind this research were never given, though presumably it was to give the animals being held in captivity the chance of some exercise. It wasn’t a total waste however, as the big cats did eventually learn to use the equipment after eight months.

Welcome To Scotland

When the Scottish government decided that it needed a brand new slogan to welcome visitors and returning Scots to the country, they spent £125,000 on a think tank to come up with the new branding. After several months had passed and all the money had been spent, the researchers developed the unimaginative “Welcome To Scotland” slogan, something that probably didn’t need a team of researchers.