10 Of The Craziest Laws Still Valid In The USA Today

There are some pretty crazy laws out there today. Check out these 10 laws that are considered the craziest ones that are actually still valid and haven’t been changed as of 2015. You have probably broke a few of these in your day without even realizing it. Did you ever let a chicken cross the road or schedule a bear wrestling match? If not, you might be okay but check out these crazy laws that are still valid.

Chickens Can’t Cross The Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, let’s hope it didn’t, because in Quitman, Georgia,chickens are not allowed to cross the road at all.

Police Can Bite A Dog

Police officers are allowed to bite a dog, but only on one condition. They have to think that this will calm the dog down and they need to be in Paulding, Ohio.