10 Of The Best Roasts Ever in 2022

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Here are the best roasts going from 10 to 1. The internet is full of people who are nice, but more often than not the people you find online are a lot meaner than they would be in person. That’s because they’re hiding behind their screen, making them feel more powerful than they actually are. That’s essentially what this list is — people have asked the netizens to roast them. If you’re unsure on what roasting is, it’s getting someone to say the meanest thing they can about you, but since you asked for it, how can you be offended? Well — read on to find some of the best roasts you’ll ever see!

Shower Head Or Toothbrush

What a nice way to say she doesn’t have the cleanest teeth.

Shipping Container

Maybe she does travel by shipping container.

Too Much Makeup

She really does look like she’s just caked a whole heap of makeup on.

Human Microphone

Well they weren’t lying about this one.

16 Or Divorced?

Maybe she’s older on the inside.

The Police

You’d think them being police they’d get a little nicer of a burn.

Band Geek

Either way, at least he’s a geek like he wants to be.

Final Fantasy Character

His hair looks ridiculous.


Maybe he is Mario.


Those are great tips.