10 Natural Phenomena We Need to See To Believe

For some odd reason, the majority of humanity takes a lot of what we witness in the natural world for granted. We love to take a gander at the sun rising over the crest of a mountain, or lay down on our back in the park and watch the cloud formations, but most of what occurs in this world goes completely unnoticed. Sometimes science can explain certain aspects of the world, and sometimes it doesn’t, and that is one-hundred percent okay with us. Here are ten natural phenomena we need to see with our own eyes to believe fully.

Volcanic Lightning

Volcanic Lightning is a combination of, you guessed it, a lightning storm and a volcanic eruption occurring within the same space at the same time. The two combine into one massive force to be reckoned with.


When the surface of an ocean freezes, such as around the poles, pockets of cold seawater are forced down into the deep. These pockets gathered together underneath the ice clusters and begin forming Brinicles, which is an odd name for underwater icicles.