10 Most Shocking Things Hidden In Disney Movies

Disney movies are typically thought of as classic and enjoyable for children and families alike. They contain humor, love, and good morals. However, they also contain some of the more scandalous things in life if one is watching very carefully.

As one would imagine, creating animated movies, frame by frame, can be extremely laborious. Some of the animators at Disney decided to have some fun with it by adding in some quirky (sometimes inappropriate) inside jokes. This list goes through a few of the hidden “Easter egg” moments inside of some Disney films.


During this movie, there are some singers singing “Hero to Zero,” and during the song, one of the singers dresses reveals that she is not wearing any underwear.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

In this movie, Jessica Rabbit (an inherently sexual character anyways) has a scene where she is tossed from a car and spins around before she lands. During this time, her dress opens up and it’s unclear if she’s wearing underwear or not.