10 Mind Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Futurama

Phil Hartman Was Due To Play Zapp Brannigan

Before his tragic death in 1998, Phil Hartman was intended to provide the voice for Zapp Brannigan in the show. He had previously worked with Matt Groening in The Simpsons, voicing a number of characters such as the lawyer Lionel Hutz, and the part was specifically written for him. In dedication to the actor, the lead character’s name was changed to Philip J. Fry and Billy West took over the character of Zapp.

Professor Farnsworth Is Named After The Inventor Of Television

American scientists and inventor Philo Farnsworth was one of the main contributors to the development of the television set. He made several important discoveries and created new devices that would play a pivotal role in making the TV a reality. In dedication to the man who had made Futurama possible, the creators named their own scientists and inventor after him in the form of Professor Farnsworth.