10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Love You Probably Don’t Know

Love is an exciting and wonderful feeling. It is sweet, it is painful, it is dreadful and it is pure. Because of love, people are able to see the world through rose-colored glasses and lose reason. Love is the most precious and the most spontaneous thing that will happen in everybody’s life. We exist to be loved and to love. This list contains some mind-blowing facts about love you probably don’t know. Let’s take a look at these facts.


According to a study conducted by UC Berkeley, individuals who are embarrassed easily are more likely to be generous, trustworthy and monogamous.

Love Warms Up Your Whole Body

In a study that asked individuals to map out where they experienced different emotions, most individuals said that love sparked activity across their whole body. The emotional system in your brain sends signals to your whole body to deal with certain situations.