10 Incredible Animals You Wouldn’t Expect To Find In Australia

Australia is the home to some truly impressive animals, including some of the world’s most dangerous creatures ever, including spiders, snakes, and rodents. However, the island nation is also the home of some seriously incredible animals that most people probably wouldn’t expect to discover. Australia is known as one of the mega-diverse countries of the world, boasting more mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians than anywhere else. Here are ten incredible animals you would not expect to discover in Australia.

Feral Camel

The Feral Camel was originally imported from Afghanistan, Arabia, and India, sometime in the 1800s. The camels were released by the thousands throughout Australia, and have now become a threat to the local plant and animal species.

Little Penguin

Penguins tend to be associated with colder climates, but Australia actually has a species of smaller penguins on the island. The little penguin is just 13 inches tall, and generally weighs around 2.2 pounds. They are sometimes known as fairy penguins.