10 Interesting Ways To Reuse Old Kitchen Items

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Everyone has old kitchen gadgets and items just sitting around the house that they are no longer using. Some of these items are simply outdated, or they’ve rusted to the point where they wouldn’t be suitable to use while cooking. Many of these reupholster ideas require little to no work. You’d be surprised about what a little creativity can do to your old gadgets. Let’s take a look at some ways to turn those old kitchen items into new and improved decors.

Spoon Hooks

You can take some old spoons and convert them into some nifty spoon hooks. These spoon hooks can be used as a coat or handbag rack.

Grater Lamp

Do you have an old grater around the house? You can transform that old grater into a nice little lamp. It’s a great idea for amazing room lighting.

Rolling Pin Rack

If you have old rolling pins around your kitchen that you’re no longer using, try creating a rolling pin rack. It’ll give your decor a new and interesting look.

Pencil Holder

Turn your grater upside down and make it into a pen or pencil holder. You can get even more creative by painting it.

Rolling Pin Towel Rack

Turn an old rolling pin into a nice little towel rack. It’ll keep you from having to purchase a towel rack from the store.

Teacup Candle

If you’re a candle lover, then this is just the DIY job for you. Turn some old teacups into small candle scents of your choice.

Silver Platter Chalkboard

Create a chalkboard out an old silver platter. This is great for any upcoming family gatherings and parties you may have.

Muffin Tray Organizer

Every now and then, a muffin tray gets old, making it no longer usable. You can turn your old muffin tray into a nifty organizer for your everyday use.

Colander Light

Everyone loves good lighting in a room. Take your old, unused colanders and create nice lighting throughout your house.

Garden Marker

If you enjoy growing your own fresh vegetables and plants, try this little trick. Take some old wooden kitchen spoons and make markers for your garden.