10 Interesting Holidays To Celebrate In April

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We all know that the first day of April is April Fools Day. While many of us may think that April Fools is the only holiday to celebrate in April, they are actually wrong. April has plenty of holidays to celebrate that do not require pulling various pranks on individuals. There are a lot of unusual holidays to celebrate in April that you may not be aware of. Let’s take a look at a list of 10 crazy and unusual holidays you can celebrate this April.

Deep Dish Pizza Day

On April 5th, you can celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza day. This is the perfect excuse to eat pizza all day.

National Beer Day

This day is for the beer lovers all around the world. On April 7th, grab your favorite beer and toast for the occasion.

Barbershop Quartet Day

The Barbershop Quartet is an old classic. Honor the musical foursome by celebrating on April 11.

Teen Literature Day

Want to find a way to get your teenagers to read? Make them celebrate Teen Literature Day on April 14.

That Sucks Day

Don’t you just hate when your entire day sucks? Well there’s a holiday for that. April 15 is National That Sucks Day. It’s also the anniversary of the sinking of the iconic Titanic.

Stress Awareness Day

If you’re stress out, there’s a special day for that. April 18 is National Stress Awareness Day. Try not to stress yourself out too much on that day.

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Let your furry family members know they’re beautiful by celebrating National Bulldogs Are Beautiful day on April 21.

High Five Day

April 21 is National High Five Day. Celebrate by randomly giving people high fives.

Jelly Bean Day

Jelly beans aren’t just for Easter. The treats have their own special holiday on April 22.

Hairball Awareness Day

April 29 is the perfect time to become aware of any hairballs you may have in your life.