10 Truly Terrifying Facts About Nuclear Weaponry

The world as we know it changed completely on August 6, 1945, when an American bomber was given orders to drop an atomic bomb on the Japanese near the end of World War 2. In fact, they dropped two bombs on the country, causing the nation to retreat and surrender for their lives following the devastation that was unleashed by our troops. The technology quickly became the most wanted item in the world, with countries across the globe seeking nuclear weapons to contend with the US. Today, nuclear weapons are a very real threat, though many governments are doing their best to cut down. Here are ten truly terrifying facts about nuclear weaponry.


A massive nuclear war could cause around 150 million tons worth of smoke to devastate the planet’s atmosphere. This would create a nuclear winter colder than the Ice Age.

Average Nukes

An average, normal-sized nuclear weapon could detonate over the top of a city and burn away between 40 to 65 square miles worth of land and people within a single blink of an eye.