10 Insane Unexplained Mysteries Throughout History

Curiosity killed the cat, or some people will tell you, oddly enough. However, curiosity is what ensures we are learning new things all the time, so it is definitely something you should continue with. Throughout history, countless mysteries have remained unexplained, even to this day when science and reasoning abounds. Some things are just too big for mankind to wrap their heads around, though. Everything from disappearances to natural phenomenon. Here are ten unexplained mysteries passed on through history that no one can yet explain.

Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Island, located in present day North Carolina, was settled by 121 colonists led by John White in 1587. As the native population grew restless, John White returned to England for reinforcements. Upon returning home to Roanoke, however, he discovered everyone was gone without a trace.

Sailing Stones

Along the dry lake bed of Racetrack, Death Valley, there are stones that can reach up to 700 pounds which mysteriously slide across the surface of the sand without any external forces. Some researchers believe natural events, including wind and ice, cause the stones to “sail.”