10 Innovative And Awesome Bike Mods

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The world is facing so many environmental problems at this point, that it has become socially irresponsible to buy automobiles anymore. We need more environmentally friendly alternatives to keep the pollution levels down, while also allowing us to commute in peace and go about our daily lives. Electric cars seem to be a great option, but they can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford one. A fun alternative involves buying bicycles and modifying them in interesting and unique ways. Here is a list of 10 interesting bike mods that have been seen around the world.

Bike For Camping

Sure, you can chose to rent out a tent when you go camping, or you can carry your own home and live like a king in the woods. This particular design was created by artist Kevin Cyr.

Cargo Bike

Are you worried you won’t be able to carry all your things with you if you get a bike? There is plenty of room in your car to keep your things, but what if your bike offered you just as much space? This cargo bike has been designed to match this problem while adding greater stability to your bike.

Shoe Bike

If you ever felt that riding a bicycle is sort of like running really quickly, then you just figured out the concept behind this crazy bike mod. This original design was seen in the Tour de Fat bike festival in San Fransisco in 2008.

Treadmill Bike

This clever design is made for those of us who prefer running to cycling. While you run on the treadmill attached to the bike, the wheels will propel you forward pretty quickly and help you get a workout while getting from one place to another.

Tandem Unicycle

Unicycles may seem like a tricky bike to ride, but can you imagine riding a tandem unicycle? The design alone looks quite complex, and riding it requires quite some co-ordination. This is probably the perfect bike to gift an expert bike rider and his/her partner.

Tank Bike

Are you a war buff? Then this mod is made just for you. Convert your seemingly ordinary bike into a mean looking tank and let your enemies quiver in fear!

Dino Bike

Can you imagine how wicked you would look riding down the ride on top of a T-rex skeleton? Lamborghini can pretty much go eat their heart out.

Trike Bike

This bicycle looks like a custom chopper, perfect for the environmentally conscious bad-ass inside each of us!

Shopping Bike

This nifty modification is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can get your daily dose of exercise while finishing your weekly shopping at the same time.

The Mitzie

This fascinating design trumps any vehicle you can purchase, simply because it has the ability to traverse any water body you want. Who needs to deal with traffic when you can take the closest canal to work!