10 Innovative And Awesome Bike Mods

The world is facing so many environmental problems at this point, that it has become socially irresponsible to buy automobiles anymore. We need more environmentally friendly alternatives to keep the pollution levels down, while also allowing us to commute in peace and go about our daily lives. Electric cars seem to be a great option, but they can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford one. A fun alternative involves buying bicycles and modifying them in interesting and unique ways. Here is a list of 10 interesting bike mods that have been seen around the world.

Bike For Camping

Sure, you can chose to rent out a tent when you go camping, or you can carry your own home and live like a king in the woods. This particular design was created by artist Kevin Cyr.

Cargo Bike

Are you worried you won’t be able to carry all your things with you if you get a bike? There is plenty of room in your car to keep your things, but what if your bike offered you just as much space? This cargo bike has been designed to match this problem while adding greater stability to your bike.