10 Individuals Trapped In The Wrong Body

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A lot of people, especially transgender individuals, have felt being ‘trapped in the wrong body’. These people often have the means nowadays to correct this; via hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery. But then there are also people who do not have gender identity issues — they are literally trapped in the wrong body. Biological reasons, circumstance or just plain delusional, there are several stories of these individuals — from a 43-year-old man trapped in a 14-year-old boy’s body; to a woman who really believes she’s a cat. Here are examples of 10 people trapped in the wrong bodies!

42-Year-Old Trapped In A 14-Year-Old Body

Mario Bosco is 43 years old but still looks like he is 14 years old. Bosco suffers from panhypopituitarism, when one is born without hormones. He is 4’10 and works as a child stand-in actor and an extra for many TV shows and movies. He has authored a book ‘From Hopeless to Hollywood’. He has been offered to get hormone therapy to help him develop, yet he refused as he believes it would adversely affect his career.

66-Year-Old Man Is Actually A Woman

A 66 year old man went to a hospital to check on his swollen abdomen and was given with a surprising revelation: the swelling turns out to be an ovarian cyst! He learns that he is biologically female; and suffers from two rare genetic disorders: Turner syndrome, that causes women to not develop fully, and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, which causes an abundance of male hormones. The man, who has a small penis and grows a beard, decided he will continue identifying himself as a man.

19-Year-Old Trapped In A Toddler’s Body

In an extreme case of underdevelopment — a woman in India named Girija Srinivas never developed physically past her toddler phase. She is still unable to sit up on her own and needs assistance from adults. Yet, she is a creative soul and dreams of one day becoming a famous artist.

The Real Benjamin Button

The opposite case of panhypopituitarism is progeria, wherein a person ages at eight times the normal rate. Franco Villavicenci is only 4 years old but is already an old man. There are only less than 100 cases of progeria in the world.

Teenager In A 10-Year-Old Body

Another person suffering from panhypopituitarism is Poppy Web Jones. She is now 17 years old but is still trapped in her 10 year old body. While girls her age are already interested in makeup and boys, Poppy is still into her Barbie dolls and toys. She is undergoing hormone treatment to be able to catch up with her peers.

Woman Believes She’s A Cat

Nano is a girl from Norway and while she certainly believes she wasn’t born in the wrong gender — she believes she was born in the wrong species. Nano claims she is a cat born in a human body. She’s now wearing cat ears and tail, crawls on all fours and purrs. She even hisses at other dogs. We still have to confirm whether she’s caught a mouse yet or not.

43-Year-Old Man Believes He’s A 6-Year-Old Girl

Paul Wolscht is a 43-year-old father and husband who left everything to become what he truly is: a 6-year-old girl named Stefoknee Wolscht. Stefoknee now has adopted parents and he claims they treat him like a real princess he never was. “I’ve gone back to being a child.” Stefoknee claims. “I don’t want to be an adult right now,” he stated in an interview.

Man Believes He’s Actually A Wolf

A ‘therian’ is a person who believes he or she is actually an animal and not a human being. One of the most famous therian is Matthew Schimmel, who claims he has the spirit of a black wolf within him. He has legally changed his name to ‘Shiro Themian Ulv’ when he turned 18. He was featured in a documentary ‘What? I Think I’m an Animal’. He said, “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf” which is now a popular meme.

Couple Believes They Are Vampires

While some people believe they were in the wrong sex or species, the others believe they are mythical creatures trapped in the human body. Vanian & Etherial Dark believe they are real-life vampires. The couple sleep during the day and drink each other’s blood, but they vow never to attack a human being. The two believe you don’t need to be ‘bitten’ by another vampire in order to become one, but get a ‘gentle awakening’ that you’re not like anyone else.

Man Goes About Town In A Paper Dog Suit

Another therian takes it a notch higher by dressing himself in a paper dog suit and goes about town — every single day. A man from Pittsburgh calls himself Boomer the Dog. He believes he was actually a born and somehow turned into a person along the way. He petitioned to change his name legally to Boomer, but it was denied by court.