10 Incredible Rides From The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park

You may have heard of Action Park, New Jersey, as it has long been considered the single most dangerous amusement park in the entire world. Constructed during a time when amusement parks barely had any rules and laws, the park was mostly experimental and dangerous. Water attractions specifically had no regulations, as they were simply too new for legislation. Action Park got away with so much, but most of the rides were simple death traps. People die, and many nearly lost their lives in terrifying, screaming nightmares. Here are ten incredible rides from the most dangerous amusement park in the world.

The Cannonball Loop

The Cannonball Loop is simple stupid. It is a massive waterslide with a huge loop on the very end. It was only open for about a month before the park closed it down for being a health hazard to riders.

Aqua Scoot

The Aqua Scoot was a simple slide made of nothing but metal rollers, like what you see at an airport for luggage. Riders would use plastic sleds to ride down the rollers and into the shallow pool far below, which was about 12 inches deep. More often than not, the sled simply sunk into the water immediately.