10 Incredible Pieces Of Art Made Out Of Junk

One of the lasting features of humanity is art. Throughout history, people have always created works of art with no matter what materials were available to them. This is evident not just in modern day paintings but in ancient cave drawing and sculptures, proving that desire to create art is an intrinsic craving shared between many individuals. It is no wonder then that examples exist of people making their own pieces out of whatever they can get their hands on, even if it means creating a sculpture out of rubbish or junk, whether to make a political point or because it is the only thing that is available.


Mark Oliver has created a series of sculptures that he calls litterbugs. That is an appropriate name as they are mechanical insects that have been made from old items such as clocks and household appliances.

Recycled Animals

Made out of old bicycle parts, discarded PVC, old marbles and a variety of other materials, these animals are the brainchild of Johnston Foster. They, along with other animals and a large tiger sculpture, were part of an exhibition at the New York Rare gallery in 2010.