10 Incredible Pictures Taken By Daredevils

Ever feel a little bummed out about your boring job? Perhaps it’s time to mix things up with a little daredevil activities. These extreme adventurists don’t believe anything is too hard to climb. OK, so perhaps there’s no realistic chance that you’ll ever attempt to climb a tower over 100 stories high. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy others daring to get the most incredible picture of their activity. Here are some of the most breathtaking photos of daredevils.

From A Homemade Net

A group of daredevils thought it would be awesome if they spun their own web across canyons. Let’s just hope there’s not a big insect around to feast upon them.

Christ The Redeemer

Here’s a close look at being on top of the infamous statue. Assuming permission is granted from the tourist board, they’ll allow casual people to climb up — as long as they aren’t afraid of heights.