10 Inappropriate Kid’s Toys From Disney

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When you think of Disney, you think about a world that has been created for children all around the globe. The toy and movie empire works hard to put forward a happy, go-lucky approach but the company has had a number of different dark turns. While this is just something that happens sometimes when talking about a company that has been around as long as Disney has, sometimes it seems as though the corporation is either going out of its way, or isn’t paying attention when it comes to some of their products. You need to check out these 10 most inappropriate Disney kid’s products and let us know if you’ve actually bought one of these. If you have, you’re likely not going to look at that product the same way again.

Disney Princess Toilet Seat

This particular toy isn’t really sexual in nature, it’s just a matter of having your kid sit on a bunch of faces of Disney princesses with their bare bottoms.

Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan

This toy seems innocent enough, until you try out his special feature. A push of a button makes his arm go up and down right in front of a certain spot, while he lets out a jungle grunt. These two actions combined make it seem as if Tarzan is … having his way, with himself.

Sing-a-ma-Jig Minnie Mouse

This toy has a rather unfortunate mouth, as you can plainly see, making it look more of a male sex toy than something a child should have.

Donald Duck Ride

While this ride is likely supposed to be Donald Duck just leaning back and relaxing, when someone sits on him, it looks like he’s getting ready for something quite frisky.

Winnie The Pooh Toy

It’s hard to know just what this toy is supposed to do, other than make us incredibly uncomfortable. There’s a reason there’s little information available about this toy other than this picture.

Mickey Mouse Microphone

This is a toy that is just supposed to let kids have a microphone that has some of the characteristics of Mickey. The problem is the device had a rather phallic shape that encouraged kids to put it near their mouths.

Dip Sea Dooz Fish Sticks

There are a couple of odd choices when it comes to these fish parts. One, it seemed odd for Disney to be selling fish sticks in the first place. It was even odder to have Ariel, who is actually part fish, selling these fish sticks.

The Buzz Lightyear Sippy Cup

When it comes to this sippy cup, it’s not just the incredibly unfortunate placement of the straw, but it’s also the crossed arms and self-satisfied look on Buzz’s face that makes this such a terrible item.

Lion King Toy

This small little toy was supposed to emulate the famous scene where the monkey wiseman holds Simba up to the heavens to show the new Lion King. Unfortunately the way the toy is positioned, makes it look like something else entirely is on Rafiki’s mind.

Hannah Montana Concert Candy

While the Hannah Montana Concert Candy is billed as being gummies that are in the shape of guitars and microphones, you don’t have to look that closely to see the rather phallic shape of these treats.