10 Hottest Sitcom Stars Of The 1990’s

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Some might rightfully refer to the 1990’s as the golden age of television. There were a number of reasons why this was the case. The shows were delightfully funny and gripping and the dramas were able to wring out our deepest emotions. The other reasons the 1990s were such a wonderful time for television and sitcoms in particular is because there were quite a few truly hot women taking a starring turn in these shows. Whether they were the cougars you wished would come after you, or the teen stars who stole your ever loving young heart, we’ve brought you the 10 hottest sitcom stars of the 1990s.

Vaness Angel

Remember the movie Weird Science? Where science is actually able to create a hot woman out of thin air? Do you remember that movie actually spawned a sitcom? No? Well you should try and get ahold of some old episodes because Vanessa Angel takes on the TV version of the magical creation and she’s super fly.

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt played Jamie Buckman, everyone’s favorite New York wife in the sitcom Mad About You. She was never someone who was going to be stripping down to her skivvies, but she still had all kinds of sex appeal.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing might have been living with a gay man in Will and Grace, but there were plenty of straight men who would have gladly traded places in with Will in a heartbeat. The buxom redhead was thought of as a hotter Lucille ball back in the 1990’s for a reason.

Holly Robinson Peete

Having established herself as a super hottie in 21 Jump Street, Holly Robinson Peete made the jump to Hanging With Mr. Cooper. She stole America’s hearts and convinced Detroit Lions quarterback Rodney Peete that he needed to marry her.

Lori Loughlin

The living situation in Full House was never exactly ideal but when Uncle Jesse married Lori Laughlin’s character, we suddenly wished we could be very much alone with “Aunt Becky.” Her innocence, charm and smoking hot looks made her a star of television in this era.

Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox played the super hot vixenish daughter in Unhappily Ever After, which was often called a knockoff of Married… With Children. She was clearly supposed to be the redheaded version of Christina Applegate. We were okay with that, since you can never have too many girls who can hang with Applegate in the looks department.

Jennifer Aniston

There’s a reason Friends was the launching pad of the super hot and super funny Jennifer Aniston. The actress was so beloved by women that her hairstyle from the early seasons was super popular. She was so hot, men actually watched Friends.

Courteney Cox

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Friends was incredibly popular when you consider just how good looking the cast of the show was. Jennifer Aniston was just one actress who saw her career take off thanks to the series. Cox was the other and you can tell why, considering her level of hotness back then.

Danica McKellar

There wasn’t an adolescent boy in the 1990’s who wasn’t in love with Danica McKellar. She was also often the love interest of Fred Savage’s Kevin Arnold as she played Winnie Cooper in the Wonder Years. We always wondered how he managed to land such a hottie.

Olivia D’abo

Winnie Cooper might have gotten all the mention in the Wonder Years but Olivia D’abo was actually able to hold her own quite nicely as Kevin’s older sister. The hippyish Karen got our juices flowing because she believed in free love.