10 Horrifying Confessions From Fast Food Workers

There’s a running joke going around about the food workers spitting in our food before serving it or providing us with meals that are out of date or just not prepared well. It’s one thing to joke about it and a completely different, way more horrifying thing, to actually picture it happening to us. We’ve searched the internet and found the confessions of fast food workers who’ve let loose a bit too much and done some pretty nasty things, some of which might actually help you to stay away from your next hamburger.

Note: The individuals pictured here aren’t actual pictures of the offenders or people confessing.

Starbucks Barista Admits To Giving Regular When People Ordered Decaf

Even though this sounds as a pretty minuscule issue, it can actually cause a huge load of health problems. People who usually ask for decaf drinks have some very valid health reasons for staying away from caffeine.

Many Fast Food Workers Admit To Coming Into Work Sick

There are laws in place that should ensure that if an employer or employee shows symptoms of sickness, they should be sent home so they wouldn’t pose a threat to the food they are preparing. However, the whole fast food business doesn’t really stick to the healthcare laws and many employees show up with a cold, flu or sometimes even worse things and serve you your food.