10 Horrifying Animal Attacks That Will Shock You

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Animals, no matter how cute and cuddly that may appear at the time, are still wild deep down in their souls. That means an animal may attack at any time, no matter what. It is instinct to take down prey, no matter how much bigger you may be than them. However, a lot of attacks do occur by larger animals on smaller human beings. Here are 10 animal attacks that led to serious injury or even death for those involved. It’s sad to see what some would believe to be peaceful animals taking a wrong turn and attacking. Dogs, wild animals, encaged whales, no one is safe when they go wild.

Dawn Brancheau

Back on February 24, 2010, Dawn Brancheau, a Seaworld Orlando trainer, was killed while she performed her “Dine with Shamu” show by the 12,300 pound killer whale. The whale, Tilikum, was said to have yanked Dawn by her ponytail, dragging her to the bottom of the pool. He then bit her in half at the waist.

Taylor Hubbard

Taylor Hubbard, at one point in time, was a Miss Teen USA pageant finalist and had plans to enter more prestigious talent events in the future. Unfortunately, a Siberian Husky sank its teeth directly into her face and shook as if she were nothing more than a chew toy. Taylor’s teeth and jaw were completely broke, and she required 200 stitches to repair the damages. She is scarred today.

Timothy Treadwell

October 5, 2003: American bear enthusiast, environmentalist, naturalist, eco-warrior, and documentary film maker Timothy Treadwell spent some time in the Katmai National Park in Alaska. His girlfriend, Amie Huguenard was also with him. Rescuers, who had not yet heard from the couple in the posted time, discovered an empty campsite and two mangled bodies nearby. A grizzly bear had torn them to pieces.

Charla Nash

In February of 2009, Charla Nash was mauled to disfigurement by Travis, a male chimpanzee. She lost both of her eyes and her nose in the attack, and also lost her hands while she was trying to defend herself. Travis was shot dead by Connecticut police.

Bryan Jeffrey Griffin

Bryan Jeffrey Griffin, while swimming in the Dead River at Lake County, Florida, was seen swimming with alligators, which he had not noticed. His friends, trying to call him from the water, witnessed him being bitten, dragged under water, and then thrashed around. It was too late for rescue, though, as they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Horatio Chapple

While on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic circle, Horatio Chapple was with a group of campers when a starving 250-kilogram polar bear attacked. Horation was killed almost instantly, and four others were injured. The camping group’s leader shot the bear dead.

Jenna O’Grady Donley

Jenna O’Grady Donley, an Australian tourist spending time on Borneo, was attacked by a pygmy elephant at a wildlife reserve. It was said that she had startled the animal while trying to obtain a photograph, which caused the elephant to charge her, fatally wounded her in the process.

Joe Ramonetha

Joe Ramonetha, a 63-year-old zookeeper in South Africa, came out of retirement for a short period of time while the local zoo was understaffed. While feeding the lions kept there, Joe was attacked by an 11-year-old lioness known as Nyanga. Colleagues heard his screams, but could not get to him in time as the lioness bit into his neck.

Musa Jelle

Musa Jelle, a young boy who was part of a family in the Kenyan town of Wajir, was attacked by a group of hyenas while they slept. The family suffered the losses of 2 children and 6 injured members. Musa, 10, was mauled in the face. He survived, fortunately.

Darla Napora

Darla Napora, a pregnant woman, was discovered within her home in California in a pool of her own blood. A report claims she was not breathing and unresponsive when paramedics arrived on the scene. She had sustained numerous dog bites and had major trauma to the top portion of her body. A pit bull is said to have caused the damage. Ironically, Napora was part of the Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, a group who tried to convince people that pit bulls were not dangerous.