10 Hilariously Named Hotels From Across The World

Being in the hospitality industry is not an easy job. The customer always thinks they are right, and people have become increasingly hard to please. Taking care of a person’s accommodation is especially difficult because there are so many elements that need to looked after. Apart from all this, there is a lot of competition in the hotel game, so it becomes difficult to maintain your business if you are not doing a good job. Having a classy and apt name definitely plays a role in driving some business into your premises. Here is a list of 10 hotel names that are hilarious, and staying there almost seems unimaginable.

Hotel Kuntz

You would ideally want to spend the night in a warm and safe place, not in a hotel named after a body part and a curse word.

Hotel Ass

Does it smell like ass? Or is this hotel soft and bumpy like one? Either way, we are not staying there and finding out the answers to these questions.