10 Hilarious Wedding Pictures That Will Not Make The Album

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day in a person’s life. Instead, it ends up being one of the most stressful days you can ever experience, full of lofty expectations and infinite problems. Planning a wedding takes months, sometimes years, depending on who is getting married, and you still can’t have everything going according to plan. There are just too many elements involved in the equation to have a perfect day. No one gets a better look at the screw-ups at a wedding than the wedding photographer. He/she finally ends ups removing a lot of pictures just so that the day will look better in the album and you can recall it with even more fondness. Here is a list of 10 pictures from weddings that probably didn’t make the final wedding album.

Excited Bride

This lady clearly can’t wait for the wedding to be done with and for the real festivities to begin.

Car Problems

You can never escape car problems, not even on your wedding day.