10 Hilarious Tweets Of Companies Not Caring About Customer Complaints

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Are you one of those people that work at a big company where you have to deal with the customer complaints? If so, have you ever just wanted to tell them that you don’t care? I’m sure most people have, even if it’s just someone at the shops, or just a friend complaining to you about the most stupidest thing ever. Well, if you’re looking for a way to tell a complaining person that you don’t really care at all, just look at these 10 hilarious tweets of companies not caring about customer complaints to get an idea of how you can do that.

Hulk Hogan Chicken Sandwich

Maybe the ultimate warrior chicken sandwich will taste better for you.

Old Spice

What an amazing comeback from Taco Bell.


Well maybe he should have tried Tinder before even writing anything to Old Spice.


Maybe he should have been watching his daughter a little better.

Valentine’s Day

Do you ever wonder how many people get cards from their parents on Valentine’s Day? The Royal Mail knows just how many.


This is the funniest response we’ve ever seen.


That has got to be the most disturbing user name we’ve seen on Twitter.


Well that’s one more vote gone.


Daniel, maybe you shouldn’t be blaming your lateness on something that isn’t your procrastination.

Do You Even?

He obviously doesn’t lift if it hurts so much to carry shopping.