10 Hilarious Signs That Got Lost In Translation

In China and many countries in the great oriental east, there are tonnes of hilarious signs that got lost in translation. These signs are haphazardly translated into English, creating funny signs with ambiguous and double meanings. We call these ‘Engrish’ signs, or signs that use grammatically incorrect variations of English found in East Asian countries.

When translating to a different language, it’s good to double check. Never trust on plain Google Translate to translate your words. Moreover, don’t trust other people to translate your words. They maybe just pretending to know English, or are just secretly trolls looking for a good laugh. From hilarious t-shirt designs and oddly worded advertisements to weird menu options, here are just 10 of the funniest signs we’ve found on the web.

I’m Cock

Lesson learned: never wear anything you don’t understand. Same goes for westerners — never tattoo or wear any foreign words without fully understanding it. You might make a big fool of yourself!

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade. I think the person they hired to translate this is a bit of a troll.