10 Hilarious Signs At Sporting Events

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Sports events are one of the few occasions when ordinary members of the public have the chance to show off their sense of humor on a huge stage. Not only do they have the chance to reach an audience of thousands within a stadium but there is also the possibility that they might be shown on television all around the world, broadcast to millions of people. The easiest way to get noticed is with a sign that can grab attention and be funny at the same time, like the examples in this article.

Relationship Trouble

Even at college sports, the rivalry can get pretty intense amongst fans.

Trouser Humor

Who doesn’t love a nice dick joke, especially when it’s made by ladies like these.


Aaron Rodgers has a big fan in the form of this girl, though it’s hard not to feel sorry for her boyfriend.


Getting dumped on national television while the world finds out you cheated probably wasn’t the best experience for this guy.

Fun Golf

But it certainly isn’t as fun as ice hockey, especially without the fights.


If that really was the only reason then it is probably safe to assume he has succeeded.

Jedi Mind Tricks

If this didn’t inspire the team to victory then we don’t know what could.

North Korean Fans

It isn’t exactly clear what message these fans were trying to get across but the sign is funny enough anyway.

No Wedding Plans

Let’s be honest, she might well have made the right decision here.

Hooking Penalty

This woman even managed to get the ice hockey player to smile thanks to her sign.