10 Hilarious Phone Calls Made To 911

When we were kids, some of us probably thought it would be funny to prank call 911. Generally, those situations never end well, with police being forced to call back and if they can’t get a hold of anybody, they’ll send cops for no reason. Then, we’d get in trouble and received punishment from our parents. Others didn’t have that lesson, and we benefit from their hilariously strange calls. From running out of a fast food item to just being lonely, here are the best (and ultimately time-wasting) calls ever to the emergency service.

Math Problem

A kid needed some fast help on a math problem, so he called the emergency service. Hilariously, he received advice, and another tip that it would be better to leave the hotline to somebody that needed more important help.

Didn’t Want To Warm Feet

A Chinese couple decided to take to the police for their relationship problems. The woman called police because her man didn’t want to warm her feet. We don’t blame him for not having a foot fetish — not everyone loves it.