10 Hilarious Notes And Messages From Parents

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They say you can pick your friends but you are born with your family, and that can be pretty rough. The dynamics within each family vastly varies based on the size of the family and the type of individuals. Most people also recognize that being a parent can be an extremely tough and demanding job, and it never gets easier. The best way to deal with your children is probably with a little bit of wit and a sense of humor. Here is a list of 10 hilarious notes and messages left to children by parents.

Happens In Vegas

This couple decided to confront their mistake by having a child and then putting a funny bib on him.

Literal Dad

It can be frustrating when parents are clueless about the lingos operating within a generation. They tend to leave really direct messages such as this case.

Mute Button

It isn’t as much about pacifying the child than it is about just enjoying some well deserved silence.

Tough Love

Giving your children advice about the birds and the bees can be a tough discussion. It is best to be completely honest with them, just not as honest as this particular dad.

Breaking Curfew

Parents can be strict about enforcing curfews on their teenage children. This particular mom decided to let her child spend the night on the patio, just so that he/she can get a sense of the outside world.

Staying Protected

Sometimes it is best to avoid the tough discussions by just using a smartly worded note. It can get the point across without ruining anybody’s day.

Tough Talk

Finding out that your child likes to use pot can never be easy. Letting your child know by writing a note on their rolling paper is just scary for the kid.

Testing The Waters

This dad decided to go undercover just so that he can verify the character of the new boyfriend. This conversation could have gone a thousand ugly ways if the boyfriend wasn’t careful.

Internet Hoarding

Every parent knows that the internet is everything in a kid’s life. Take that away and they are nothing but whimpering cry babies. This mom decided to use the internet to blackmail her kids to do some chores.

Two Notes

Every parent has a different way of handing their children. This set of notes from the mom and dad shows us exactly the kind of things mom’s and dad’s worry about.