10 Hilarious Letters Written By Kids For Troops

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Everyone love and support troops, and so do little children. We also do not have to ask Bill Cosby to know that ‘kids say the darnedest things’. When their imaginative, spontaneous and creative minds translate thoughts into words, there are neither filters or auto correct, and they don’t always have the best drawing skills. This makes it difficult for them as their kind and innocent gestures become unintentionally funny. Here are 10 hilarious and sometimes innocently heartwarming letters of encouragement to troops.

Have a Good War!

Kids understand war to be probably as difficult as the exam papers they have to clear. So here’s a good luck wish!

Donovan Knows and Donovan Cares

Only kids can make a kind thought extremely scary.

Parenting Fail

Sometimes a letter with just six lines that has traveled miles from home can show a unique fail in parenting.

The Little Rocker

Kids know what a soldier leaves behind and can easily judge how much the troops rock for their sacrifices.


Despite the really NSFW typos, you can see the thought behind the letter.

The Aspiring Artist

Thank you Giselle for the well written letter accompanied by a lactose intolerant unicorn.

Christmas Prayers

Megan knows the best time to be alive is on Christmas Day!


A straightforward yet touching letter from Callum to his heroes.

Its How they See it

This kid knows how to stand up for the troops!

Knowing the Enemy

Matt is grateful that this troop in Iraq is keeping him save from the terristest and Russians.