10 Hilarious Facebook Fails That’ll Make Your Day

Facebook now has more users than most countries have inhabitants. The reason behind its growing popularity is the connectivity it offers between friends, family members, and even random people across the world. You now have a window into their most intimate lives and you are free to judge them by liking (or hopefully soon disliking) what they have to say in a public forum. A lot of people carefully curate their social media images which is why it is safe to say that people aren’t exactly who they claim to be on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes you reveal things about yourself without even knowing it and sometimes you manage to do the damage all by yourself. Here is a list of 10 awesome pictures taken from Facebook that are total fails.

Spots In The Sand

It is easy to jump to the most vile conclusion first, whenever we see an ambiguous image. We are extremely judgemental, people, especially when we are on Facebook.

Fun In The Sun

As this lovely couple takes a charming picture on a beach, we see a couple engaging in some hilarious roughhousing in the background.