10 Video Games Banned For Absurd Reasons

Video games have become one of the most thrilling representations of entertainment and media in the entire world. The industry has become larger than television, films, and magazines in the past decade, and that only looks to be growing in the future. Unfortunately, there are a few countries out there that would rather their people didn’t play certain titles. So, for whatever absurd reason they may produce, some areas have gone to great lengths to ban specific video games from the market. Here are ten games banned for the most absurd reasons.

Far Cry 3

In Indonesia, purchase of the game Far Cry 3 was banned due to the game’s setting, which was set in the same area. According to authorities, the game portrayed what it would be like to live in Indonesia, which they thought appeared similar to hell.

Postal 2

Postal 2 was banned from sale in both Brazil and New Zealand due to gross content, including public urination, animal cruelty, homophobia, racism, and ethnic stereotyping, among many other smaller things. However, the game’s developer took it quite well, saying a “careful” gamer could play it without conforming.